Louis & Abita

Elizabeth has always had a love for animals, which was undoubtedly fostered by her parents raising Irish Setters and German Shepherds, plus always having a menagerie of cats from the time she was born.

She has spent many years researching the link between nutrition and disease as a result of her own personal journey, and when her Rottweiler, Louis, presented with the same autoimmune symptom she had, she decided to take her research and see if it was applicable in the animal world.

She discovered that grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, single-source protein options made a huge difference in Louis’ health. Elizabeth has worked in healthcare for more than a decade and has a balanced approach to her own health and that of her animals, which is how she has become the “go-to” person among her family, friends, and friends of friends when someone is trying to see if diet may help. She decided to start Louis & Abita to share her vast knowledge and experience with others so that the information would be in a streamlined and accessible format for the benefit of pet parents everywhere.

Elizabeth asked DNP to help her create the right branding for her concept and to develop her site, with super easy admin capabilities to make it simple for her to manage with her active lifestyle.